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December 8, 2011

Reactions to Hillary Clinton’s Visit in Burma

┬áBurma hasn’t had a US Secretary of State visit the country for more than 50 years. Hillary Clinton’s trip to the country is a sign of positive change, setting a stage for political and economic development between the two nations. With possible stronger future engagement, people anticipate reform in the once isolated country. Although some analysts say there have been changes in the country since Burma’s latest elections in 2010, citizens say they are more worried about daily life and their survival rather than politics. Secretary Clinton’s visit to Burma indicated a sign of reform. Since her visit to the country, many are hopeful for change.
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Burma’s Road to Reform

Burma’s fast paced road to reform within the last year has stunned the world, and observers question the authenticity of its changes. The announcement of Hillary Clinton’s visit to Burma is a welcoming gesture by the US, to Burma’s latest actions of reform. Although the US has taken notice of Burma’s growing changes, many other international leaders are pressing the Burmese government for real political reform- including the release of political prisoners in the country.




May 6, 2011

The Mystery of the Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond, arguably the most famous stone of all the gems in the world, is a blue diamond, and it is sometimes mistaken for sapphire. There are rumors that this treasure is cursed, and it still remains a mystery to this day. In the book, the Mystery of the Hope Diamond by Henry Leyford Gates, the story and the curse of the Hope Diamond unveils…

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