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February 22, 2011

Egypt’s Revolution and How Burma Can Relate

With the recent uprisings in Egypt, Aung Din, a former student leader during Burma’s 1988 uprising and head of US Campaign for Burma, compares the protests in Egypt and Burma’s revolutions.

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Burmese Version:


February 10, 2011

Protesters Rally in NY to Condemn Burma’s New Parliament

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On January 29th, democracy advocates rallied in front of the Burmese embassy in New York City, dismissing Burma’s new parliament in 20 years. People stated that the new parliament is ” the military dressed in civilian clothing.” Critics of the military junta criticized the new government, stating that it is a sham since 80% of the seats in parliament are tied to the military and its allies.

Protesters hold up signs on the new parliament, political prisoners and human rights in the country. One lady holds a sign of Burma's Nobel Peace Prize recipient, Aung San Suu Kyi, who is also the leader of the opposition group, the National League of Democracy.

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