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January 13, 2011

The Death of a Marine

On January 1st, 2011, Maung P. Htaik also known as Samuel was killed during a combat in Helmund, Afghanistan. Helmund is known to be one of the most dangerous provinces in Afghanistan. Htaik came to the United States from Burma in 2002. Family and friends say that he died fighting for the country he loved and believed in.



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Burmese Version:



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  1. (Please kindly voice out the following true news in any one of your broadcasting or put as an article. Thank you)

    Private Rice Exporters Suffer from Cancellations of Rice Export Permits

    Burmese Military Government’s Department of International Trade today informed local rice exporters to halt all the export activities. According to one manager from Custom Forwarding Company, who requested providing this news on condition of anonymity, said that some rice exporters are facing desperate dilemma, as they already received payment in advance from rice buyers and the vessels are waiting and berthing.

    “These kinds of inconsistent export policy are very normal”, said one rice exporters, who also said that the role of private sector is always ignored. “But MEC (Myanmar Economic Corporation) and UMEH (Union of Myanmar Economic Holdings) are obtaining rice export permits throughout the year, which shows unfair policy framework and double standards”, a senior researcher from Burma added.

    “We need to go through a lot of formalities and each formality requires some bribes to pay to officials, but these two military business bodies (UMEH and MEC) need none”, According to Yangon based economist, it is said that private sector’s discontent about rice polices are mounting and it in fact not a positive outlook for Burma.

    Burma military government’s trade policies are often considered pro-cronyism, pro-nepotism and lack of knowledge and management skills. Therefore, once a rice bowl of the world, cannot even export one million metric ton although at one side, Military Government contradictorily proclaimed a surplus of about five million tons.

    Comment by Khin Maung Win — February 25, 2011 @ 5:35 pm | Reply

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