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September 30, 2010

Feature Story: Fair Skin or Tan Skin ?

Khin Phyu Htway saying her stand-up - covering herself with an umbrella from the hot sun

Kaye Lin performing her stand-up underneath the sun ( wanting to be Tan)

Light skin is highly prized in Asia, and social experts say, the reasoning behind why women desire to have lighter skin is because of social class differences. A lighter complexion means a life of wealth. Darker skin indirectly associates with a life of outdoor labor in the sun. Americans have other views on white skin- it is not in style. For Westerners, especially Americans, tanning of the skin is in fashion, and people spend long hours in the sun to get that sun tanned glow.

VOA reporters, Khin Phyu Htway and Kaye Lin report on this sociological question on the beauty of one’s complexion. What do you prefer ?  To be fair or to be tan? We’d like to know more…

In English:

In Burmese:


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  1. ိWow! Good presentation of VOA reporters both in English and Burmese version. They’re so cute and active. I like the last scene that they hold an umbrella and then,removed it. Then, I could see their lovely smiles.


    Comment by K K — October 3, 2010 @ 2:23 pm | Reply

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