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August 2, 2010

Burmese Girl Pop Band on Freedom of Expression

Al Jazeera created a story on a Burmese girl band, living on the outskirs of Burma, called the Tiger Girls. The Tiger Girls are fierce and are ready for international stardom. Their manager says that these Burmese girls can reach international fame through their music- especially through the help of the internet and the soaring interest in Burma right now.

I think they are some what reminiscent of the Spice Girls from London. Both groups represent ” girl power” and are trying to reach out to a wider audience to deliver a message about taking a stand. For the Tiger Girls, their stance is on the freedom to speak, sing and dance. The girls explain in the video just how the Burmese government scrutinizes businesses or even art in Burma- there is no freedom of expression in the country. Burmese people feel restricted they say, so they want to send out a message to young girls through pop music…

What do you think of this new pop group?



  1. I wish you good luck. And I am looking forwards to seeing you as the first five Burmese female pop singers who earns millions! Burma needs internationally successful talented entertainers, musicians and singers who also earn revenues for the country. Believe me, if you top the US and the UK charts, people’s attitude, especially that of some Burmese male chauvinist pigs may change. Here in the UK, such successful entertainers who bring in revenue for the country are even honoured by the Queen. It does not matter whether you prefer to sing Schubert’s songs or just to cover Lady Gaga’s brilliantly artful jingles.

    Comment by Daw Saw — August 4, 2010 @ 9:06 pm | Reply

  2. The act of linking this video with “Little Burmese Girl From Burma”, “Girls are the victims in Thai sex Industry” and “It’s call rape. HE RAPED HER. Jebus.” is the same sexual offence as that of rape. Whoever did this, even though it claims to be an automatic response, is actually mentally and semantically raping these girls. Some Burmese males (and some females) view and treat female Burmese entertainers (dancers, film stars and singers) as sex workers who flaunt their semi-naked bodies in pubic to earn money. Well, I hope they do not ban their daughters, wives and girlfriends from wearing bikinis on the US beaches! Some Burmese males, although they have been in the West for many years, still have this outdated attitude like their brethren in Burma’s neighbouring country where some men do not wish to see their talented female tennis star playing in shorts! And these Burmese males talk and write only about female prostitution and say anything never about rent boys! Actually, users of prostitutes of both sexes should be blamed for this social evil; prostitutes are victims of the community which is full of punters and verbal rapists who like to portray these unfortunate women as moral diseases.

    Comment by Daw Saw — August 4, 2010 @ 9:58 pm | Reply

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