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May 19, 2010

Interview with Benedict Rogers- Author of ” Than Shwe- Unmasking Burma’s Tyrant”

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Benedict Rogers, the East Asia Team Leader of Christian Solidarity Worldwide has  a motto ” to give a voice for the voiceless”, and in his new book he does just that. Rogers co-wrote a book called, “Than Shwe- Unmasking Burma’s Tyrant”  with Jeremy Woodrum, who worked for US Campaign for Burma. In this biography of Burma’s dictator, Than Shwe, Rogers tells the story of the people of Burma and how they live under a military regime.

When asked by VOA on how he gathered information about the general as information is hard to grasp in Burma since there is no freedom of press in the country, Rogers says it was difficult, but he had great first -hand information and sources. He interviewed people that had known Than Shwe at one time in his career. Rogers also talks about Than Shwe’s legacy and about what he thinks of his character.
Find out more about Burma’s military dictator. Watch the interview:

English Version:

Burmese Version:



  1. Benedict Rogers may have done the world a service with his book on Than Shwe. But we should never forget where he is coming from. He heads a militant Christianizing movement, whose real interest in South East Asia, is to undermine its religions and cultures and replace them with their own Western creeds. They hide their agenda under a mask of human rights concerns; but their concerns are, for the most part, for the rights of their sects to freely continue their divisive and destructive work.
    In human history no religion as contributed more to human strife and been responsible for more repression and murder than theirs. Over the years they have been tireless in using their vast financial and manpower resources in attacking and attempting to undermine the religions of Asia.

    The ethnic divisions in Burma and other nations have been intensified, by bigoted missionaries, with vast sums of American Bible belt funds, infiltrating their communities and turning them against their own country, thus further fragmenting the unity of the nation. Western missionaries and Western politics have ever been closely allied.
    Benedict Rogers is not only a Christian propagandist; he is also involved in politics and was previously a candidate for the right wing British Conservative party, suggesting the possibility of not only a missionary but also a political agenda. Right wing politics and Christian bigotry have often been intertwined.

    What is Rogers’s true motive in this? Like all propagandists, he has ultimate only one; the destruction of the ancient, rich and spiritual heritage of Burma, with his own tawdry brand of primitive, Western fundamentalism. Than Shwe and Benedict Rogers and his missionary hoard, which poses the worst danger to the Burmese people?

    Comment by kevin o"sheehan — July 15, 2010 @ 7:40 am | Reply

  2. Black Cat/White Cat. It’s a Good Cat If It Catches the Mouse.

    Thus man or that guy,he is a good guy if he whackes murderous generals hard,real hard.

    Who would solve the problem?who else but our creator,in his time,in his time.

    Comment by Simon — September 14, 2010 @ 1:05 pm | Reply

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