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May 17, 2010

Update: Seh Daeng’s Death- Impact on Thailand?

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After days of unrest and chaos, the death toll in Thailand has risen to a total of 36, including the death of a major opposition leader, Major Gen. Khattiya Sawasdipol also known as Seh Daeng. He was shot in the head on Thursday as he was giving an interview to a foreign reporter.

Death of Seh Daeng….what will happen?

The death of protest leader, Seh Daeng has left many speechless. Where will the protests go after his death? Some speculate that it will get worse as he was such a big figure among the opposition group. Loyal supporters of Seh Daeng even call themselves the “ Black Shirts”, and they say they are willing to do more- to even use violence to get their revenge and get attain their goal. Although some loved Seh Daeng, others thought that he was an extremist- he was very controlling.

During an email conversation I had with a friend in Bangkok, ( a friend which does not want to be named) he wrote, “ Although, I feel sorry for the opposition group, I am not happy with the leaders of the Reds.” He thought that the leaders were “ opportunists” ( his own words), only trying to seek their own gain and power.

It is reported that more than 250 people have been wounded or injured. The Thai military has given a deadline of mid-afternoon for protesters to leave their camp site in the middle of Bangkok. The military has especially warned women and children to leave the site. The Red Cross has gone into the camp – allotting food and aid.


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