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May 5, 2010

Cyclone Nargis 2 year Anniversary

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( Video in Burmese) ( Read the actualities translated in English)

The Irrawaddy delta was the worst affected by Cyclone Nargis. Cyclone Nargis killed at least 140,000 people and left many more thousands homeless and missing. Cyclone Nargis occured May 2, of 2008 , and this year we remember the 2nd anniversary of the deadliest cyclone to every hit Burma and the North Indian Ocean Basin. People are not doing well. They do not have enough food to live on, and things are far from normal.

We had a VOA reporter talk to some of Cyclone Nargis victims by the Irrawaddy border. This is the video she had captured, and what the people had stated in their actualities/ interviews.


ACT 1: )

We lived quite conveniently before Cyclone Nargis hit, but all has changed since the cyclone and the situation is only getting worse. Even two years after the Cyclone, we have not gotten our livelihood back.

ACT 2: )

Our village was destroyed during the cyclone. Since then, we have never had another chance to eat a regular meal. Some have to survive on broken rice.

ACT 3:)

Houses were destroyed. There are no jobs. I’m in a very different situation now than I used to be.

ACT 4:)

Six months after Nargis had hit, all relief has stopped coming into the country. We do not know how to go along with this.

ACT 5:)

I have nine family members . My five kids and my wife passed away due to the cyclone. After Nargis, there are only three family members left. For our one month anniversary, we had an offering for the monks. Now it is the two year anniversary of their deaths, and I can’t offer anything.


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