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April 16, 2010

Sudan’s Elections 2010 and Burma’s Elections 2010

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Sudan’s Elections 2010

Votes are still being counted in Sudan as the usual 3- day polling was extended to 5 days. People hoped that the 2 day extension would bring more voters to the polls; the extension hasn’t happened in 24 years. The United Nations reports that no major incidents occurred within the 5 days, despite the boycotts and other faulty registration delays.

Update:  AP reported that as of today, Friday, April 16 2010, Al Bashir is winning,  receiving between 88-94 % of already counted votes. Tuesday is the final day when we would hear the final outcome.

The Controversy with Sudan’s Elections

Sudan held its first elections in 10 years on Sunday, April 11th 2010. This was the first democratically held elections with multiple parties. However, opposition parties have boycotted the elections because they believe that it is a sham.  

With opposition parties pulling out, the credibility of the elections are left in the air. Just how credible would the elections be if the main challengers are not running ?

President Al Bashir

NOTE : Sudanese President Omar Hassan Al Bashir has controversy written all over him as he has been charged with genocide, rape and murder. The International Criminal Court has called for the arrest of Al Bashir for war crimes against humanity; he is the only sit in president to be indicted.

Sudan’s Elections 2010  and Burma’s Elections 2010

There are many similarities between Burma’s elections of 2010 and Sudan’s elections of 2010.

Sudan and Burma are two nations with the international community watching their every move, and the leaders of both countries have been convicted of war crimes against humanity. There have been documented reports of genocide in both countries. Rape has been used as a weapon of war; in Burma, the military junta has used rape as a way of empowerment- violating women’s rights throughout the country.

Like the Sudanese elections, the main opposition group in Burma, the NLD ( the National League of Democracy) has boycotted the Burmese elections of 2010. They say that the elections would neither be legitimate nor free and fair. They say it will be a sham, and therefore would not participate in it. In Burma’s elections of 1990, Aung San Su Kyi’s party, the NLD , had won over 80% of the votes, yet the Burmese military junta refused to acknowledge the results. NLD’s candidate, Aung San Su Kyi is still under house arrest and has been under house arrest for 14 out of the 20 years.

Burma’s election date has not been reported.

( Photos from AP)


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